Whats Wrong With Dairy?
Randall Perez

Time and time again I have been asked the question "why do you not eat dairy?" The animals aren't killed for their milk so whats the big deal? I have finally decided to address this issue once and for all. Most people don't realize that cows on dairy farms are subject to even more torement and pain then they are in the slaughter house. Most people think a farmer wakes up every morning and milks the cow by hand gentlly not to harm the cow. This is far from the truth; Also the dairy industry is directly linked to the veal industry so in turn by buying milk you are still supporting the slaughter of innocent animals. Chickens used for eggs are also subject to torture and pain. Not to mention dairy has also been discovered to be detrimental to your health.
 Dairy cows do not naturally produce milk all year long. Chemicals such as hormones and steroids are forcefully injected in order for cows to produce milk for many years. The term "DAIRY IS RAPE" was concieved to describe the process to produce milk.  Cows are put into a series of stalls called"rape racks" which dont give them enough room to even  turn around. Then they have a long tube forcefully inserted into thier vagina which then sprays semen into the uterus of the cow so that the cow then becomes pregnant. When the cow gives birth to the calf ; The calf then is taken from the cow and shipped off to slaughter as veal. Cows have the same gestation period as humans yet are impregnated every 12 months which means for only 3 months do they have any relief from being pregnant. Which is not a relief at all, every day they are subject to being placed on a machine which is put on the utter and sucks out milk. Because of this the cows are inflicted to many cuts and wounds caused by the machine.
About 300 million hens a year are confined in battery cages to produce eggs for human consumption. These hens are packed 4 hens to a cage, the cages themsleves are only 16 inches.The birds cannot stretch their wings or legs, and they cannot fulfill, normal behavioral patterns or social needs. Constantly rubbing against the wire cages, they suffer, from severe feather loss, and their bodies are covered with bruises and abrasions. Practically all laying hens have part of their beaks cut off in order to reduce injuries resulting from excessive pecking, an unnatural behavior which occurs when the confined hens are bored and frustrated. Debeaking is a painful procedure which involves cutting through bone, cartilage, and soft tissue. In some cases, especially if the cost of replacement hens is high, the hens may be force molted. This process involves starving the hens for up to 18 days, keeping them in the dark, and denying them water to shock their bodies into another egg laying cycle. The birds may lose more than 25% of their body weight during the molt, and it is common for between 5% and 10% to die.
Your  Health:
  Plant foods improve human health while animal 'foods' degrade it. The most comprehensive study to date regarding the relationship between diet and human health found that the consumption of animal derived "food" products was linked with "diseases of affluence" such as heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, and cancer. T. Colin Campbell's landmark research in "The China Project" found a pure vegetarian (i.e. vegan) diet to be the healthiest diet. Dr. Campbell estimates, "...80 to 90% of all cancers, cardiovascular diseases, and other degenerative illness can be prevented, at least until very old age - simply by adopting a plant-based diet." The meat, poultry, dairy and egg industries employ technological short cuts - such as drugs, hormones, and other chemicals - to maximize production. Under these conditions, virulent pathogens which are resistant to antibiotics are emerging. Millions of Americans are infected and thousands die every year from contaminated animal products. Peculiar new diseases have been amplified by aberrant agribusiness practices. For example, "Mad Cow Disease" (bovine spongiform encephalopathy or BSE), a fatal dementia affecting cattle, was distributed throughout Britain when dead cows were fed to living cows. When people ate cows with "Mad Cow Disease", they got Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD), a fatal dementia which afflicts humans. Another farm animal disease beginning to jeopardize human health is Avian influenza. In Hong Kong, where people have died from the so-called "bird- flu", over one million chickens have been destroyed. Despite repeated warnings from consumer advocates, the USDA's meat inspection system remains grossly inadequate, and consumers are now being told to "expect" animal products to be tainted.

Some of the information within this was sourced from www.freetheanimals.com
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