Vegan Power
Dairy production and consumption is 100% unnatural. Period. Not only is the consumption of dairy products detrimental to human health; it is linked to ecological destruction of Mother Earth and is torture for no-human animals exploited used in this inhumane practice.
The Myth
Female cows do not give milk year round. Most people are uneducated about dairy production in the sense of knowing that female cows are forcefully impregnate (sound sort of like rape?) to produce milk? Many people seem to believe that female cows are able to give milk year round and that are native to North America. Cows originated from India. A lot o people are also not aware that the dairy industry is directly linked to the veal industry.
The veal industry gets all of their calves from the forcefully impregnated female cows than the dairy industry produces. All of milk that was to be calves is stolen for human consumption. The veal industry which happens to be one of the most cruel, but legal practice in the US (but not banned in England) is linked with the meat industry, A vegetarian who believes that they are an animal rights activist and a compassionate being but consumes dairy products should realize the hypocrisy they are a part of.
Ecological destruction
Cows raised in grazing lands that are allowed to overgraze not only leads to desertification; it causes erosion of topsoil. The estimate amount of topsoil lost to date in the US is 66%. The population of the US groundwater supply is also increased because of the amount of ls used to dairy products. The average amount of water spared by person following a vegan diet as opposed to dairy- consuming vegetarian is approximately 900 gallons.
Health Risk
Cows' milk may contain a somewhat adequate amount of calcium, but the protein content in cows' milk is also high. When a human consumes too much protein, it deletes calcium out of their system; mostly through urination. Cows' milk is not only high saturated fats, it has a high amount of cholesterol. Humans that consume an increased amount of saturated fats and cholesterol have an extreme higher chance of developing cancers and disease later life. Plus, with the amount of grass consumed by cows used in dairy production, there are higher amounts of concentrated pesticide levels in their bodies. This can be attributed to higher risk of developing illness to humans.
Human beings are the only mammals on this planet to consume another mammals milk (expect in rare cases). Cows used in dairy production are injected with hormones to increase milk protection beyond average or natural limits. They are also overdosed with antibiotics to protect cows from illness. Approximately 20% of all Caucasians and 80% of all people of African descent are lactose intolerant. They are able to digest dairy products due to an basent enzyme in their bodies.
The bottom line is that: dairy production in unnecessary suffering for the innocent animals. It destroys the planet, and that it is unnatural for humans to consume cows' milk. If you consume dairy products, please consider vegan diet. There are plenty of alternatives to dairy products, ranging from soy based milk, ice creams. Go vegan. If not for yourself, do it for animals and for the Earth.


This is the first highly organized revolutionary movement of modern times to be built around, and fighting for, the equality of ALL life and it’s survival, compared to the many battles fought (some won some lost) by various groups throughout time who have been driven to the point of revolution by their oppressors, having to pick up a gun or a stone to do what words had failed to achieve, and that was to gain the liberation of their people (be that based on ethnic, class, religious or national lines) from the grasp of another people who saw fit to exploit them.
Although many of these insurrections, rebellions and revolutions may have been fighting for some of the same things we are, the difference is, their primary concern was self -preservation and empowerment of their people (which was already a defined sector of society) where as we, as such, have no „people”; no segment of society with which we align ourselves because of shared ancestry, economic positions, cultural heritage, etc. Rather, our movement is built on the unity of those from all walks of life who share a similar faith and well defined belief that we all spring from one source and that all life is therefore equal and in need of liberation.
Obviously the numbers of those who already take such an approach and those who will come to embrace that line of thinking, will never be as great a number as those who would like to attain better working conditions and wages, or of the many people of color who seek to liberate themselves from an oppressive societies racism. For, although our whole worldview encompasses such struggles, and a victory for a Hardline revolution would be a victory for all downtrodden segments of society - the reality is that most people will only fight against the oppression that comes down directly upon their heads or on those whom they share an affinity with. Thus we must realize, ours will not be a movement with mass support.
Accepting this reality, we must take a course of action that can achieve victory without popular support for our entire agenda. We must focus our energies on building a revolutionary vanguard whose strength and perseverance will be so great, that not only in terms of direct revolutionary action will none be able to stand in our way, but also in regards to our influence on all sectors of resistance - be it cultural, spiritual or political.
The construction of this undefeatable force will be built with many tools, as will the battle be fought on many fronts.

Self Edification
Building the Movement
Since we will have to assume multiple roles of both spokesperson and activist, teacher and warrior - we must prepare ourselves both mentally and physically. Our minds need to become a warehouse of information, both for our own use, and to aid in the edification of others. Therefore, we must not only do without the more obvious threats to our mental awareness (such as drugs and alcohol), but also beware of the subtle addictions of junk food, video games and all unnatural things that pollute the body and distract us from our true purpose..
At a moments notice we must be able to explain or defend our positions - thus, a thorough understanding of each aspect of our movement is essential. Knowledge pertaining to concepts and skills that will help us in everyday life, as well as the struggle (which are very often entwined) is also quite valuable.
It is imperative that we study all matters of social / political / cultural and spiritual relevance. For our movement is the culmination and synthesis of all movements and faiths that have come before us in the struggle for justice.
We must understand the root causes of evil as well as be well rooted in the historical struggles against that evil (whose legacy we carry on).
Therefore, the following subjects as a minimum must be studied:
Meat, Dairy, Egg Production
Fur Trapping and ranching
Ozone Depletion
Nuclear Energy
And the list goes on...
In conjunction with this, an understanding of the forces that have fought against such injustices (both in terms of their ideology as well as strategy) is most essential.
The America’s
Australia/New Zealand
South Pacific
REVOLUTIONARY GROUPS AND BELIEFS (current and historical):
Shining Path
Spanish Revolution (1936)
The Assassins
Black Panthers
Krondstadt Uprising
Ukrainian Anarchist Struggles ((early 1900s)
Nation Of Islam
Boxer Rebellion
Mau Mau
Rastafarian Movement
Baader-Meinhoff Group
Liberation Theology
Islamic Radicalism
In addition we must edify ourselves in all matters pertaining to the development of our own health, morality and communities we build.
Organic Farming
True Christianity
True Judaism
Native Spirituality
Martial arts
Our next objective must be to increase the number of those within our ranks, by spreading our message of salvation through the written word; in magazines and leaflets, music, public speaking and inspiration by the deed (direct action). What we have to remember in this matter, is that different approaches have to be taken depending on who one is trying to reach. It is imperative that everything we do be well thought out, and done in the manner which will best convince the individual or group we are addressing.

This revolution is one whose end we may not live to see. It is one whose final victory may come too late to help those who are suffering today - in the here and now. Therefore, we must not focus all of our efforts on the future - towards achieving the grand ultimate end goal. We must also concentrate our energies on the present day - seeking to better the current situation of the world, to alleviate what suffering we can; liberating those who can’t wait for a far off victory, and dealing out justice to those who deserve it today.
The autonomous direct action cells that we start today for the purpose of isolated cases of action (be it monkey wrenching (environmental direct action), animal liberation, abortion clinic bombings, or political terrorism, etc.) will be the same cells who may be involved in serious guerrilla warfare and revolutionary struggle in years to come, so it is essential that the organization of such cells be done correctly and with caution.
Agencies of the state are already monitoring this movement, and have phone taps in place. They may very well already have plants (spies) pretending to be activists. Therefore, it is essential that anyone starting a direct action cell (group) thoroughly check out all potential members. Know their history and get a feel for their personality or character. They might not be a spy, but if they’re caught, you’ll want to know if you can count on them to remain loyal and not turn you in. It’s best to make this cell up of people you’ve known and have a personal history with going back in time (although one should never, absolutely ever have a boyfriend/girlfriend, or husband or wife in their cell - nor should one tell their partner’s in life anything that has to do with illegal activity in the struggle (as in these circumstances any relationship break jeopardizes everyone’s safety and freedom).
If someone thinks you are in a group and approaches you to join, be wary.
In this situation, it’s probably best to encourage them to start their own rather than join yours.
When you determine the relative safety of bringing in a new member, it is best to put them through a test (an action to prove their loyalty and also one that you can hold over their heads should they ever turn on you).
The best number for a direct action cell is around 3 to 5 people. Anymore than 5 people is too great a risk - as that’s more people who know what you did, more people who might lose their cool and turn themselves in, and more people who stand a chance at getting caught. If an action requires more than 5 people say it needed 20 - then it would be best to hook up with 3 other cells. For obvious reasons, we wont go into how that contact and subsequent hook up is made. But this much can be said; If possible only one person from each group should have contact with one person from the other cell. They should not be told who the other members are. In fact, everyone, including the contacts, must use false names, and when working with another group, everyone must wear masks and speak as little as possible. This ensures that if one group is caught and someone is forced to say all that they know - your name and description wont be in their testimony.
While preparing to engage in direct action, be sure that you are as prepared as possible. Study books on surveillance, security systems, and lock picking etc. Research past and present groups.
Learn form their mistakes and successes.
If you’re going to be liberating animals - make sure you have a transitional safe house to immediately bring them to, followed by a permanent home or sanctuary to locate them afterwards.
The cell that operates the safe house/ and the one that operates the sanctuary should not participate in the action, so
that if the safe house is busted they’ll have no knowledge of the direct action itself, and vice versa (if the direct action cell is caught, they wont know the details of the sanctuary). And for the same reason, when making contact with both the safe house and sanctuary, only one person from the direct action cell should contact one person from that group (and both should be disguised as well as use false names.). And whether you’re liberating animals or burning down a slaughterhouse, or abortion clinic etc. you as activists should have a safe house or place you can go if wanted by the police. At this house you should keep fake I.D.’s, passports and money (which you’ll need to leave the country). In conjunction with this, you should always have a plan as to how you will leave and where you will go.
Concerning the action itself: While discussing plans for an action, NEVER discuss them over the phone, NEVER discuss them at home, and NEVER write anything down (unless you burn it immediately afterwards), Find a place where you can be absolutely SURE you are not being surveiled (and even then, use coded terminology). Be sure you that you take into account every thing that can go wrong and assume that it will. Have backup plans in case the first one fails (i.e. Plan A, Plan B, Plan C). Lastly, no plan is fail safe - but one which is gone over carefully, and pays attention to every minor detail, will be a lot less likely to go wrong than one which relies on „a lot of luck.”
During an action, be sure not to leave finger prints on anything that you bring (as it might get left behind) and certainly on nothing at the sight of the action. This includes batteries in flashlights or bullets in guns, and other small items which might be neglected. Make sure your hair is covered, so that a strand of it doesn’t get left behind. The more serious an action, one may consider shaving of their hair, and scrubbing their body down to remove loose skin cells. If possible wear a light weight full body wet suit.
After the action never mention it to anyone else, and never discuss it amongst your cell members. Someone else might hear, or those you think you can trust might be wearing a wire tap. Also be sure to never keep clothes or shoes from the action at your house and destroy them as soon as possible.
If you are caught by the police, they will separate you and interrogate you individually. They will try to make you think your accomplishes have told on you, and the Police will encourage you to do the same (as payback for being testified against). No matter what they say, REFUSE to admit to anything and DO NOT incriminate anyone else. Demand an attorney and say nothing else.
Before you begin any illegal activity, you must be willing to serve the time alone, and you must know in your heart that no matter what immunity is offered, or what threats of death or actual torture that happens that you will never trade anothers freedom for your own benefit.
As our numbers grow and the struggle increases in magnitude, it will be necessary for our random action to become more methodical - ceasing to be just isolated acts of liberation or retribution - instead, becoming integral parts of an overall battle plan which shall achieve victory.