Modern Animal Slaughter
The Other Holocaust
Randall Perez

Throughout history we have all seen and been victim to some form of oppression. Whether it is racial, prejudice, age, religion, sexual preference, sex etc. We as a society have to come to a point where we believe that we are past that. Sure they're still some radicals out there that preach "white power" or other Nazi hierarchy but the fact remains we believe as a majority that all people are equal. But why has this conclusion come to only humans? Millions of innocent animals are tortured and slaughtered each year due to the dollar value attached to their flesh. This to me is just like the millions of Jews slaughtered in the concentration camps of Auschwitz by the Nazi regime. My comparison of animal slaughter to the holocaust angers some people. They say, "how dare I compare measly animal suffering to millions of Jews"; but the fact is when Jews were being killed and when people of racial minority were oppressed it was considered ok because they were unequal to us or referred to as "animals".

Does anyone start to see a comparison here? Human consumption of animal products has been proven unnecessary and even detrimental to our health. Yet we still fail to show them any sign of understanding or compassion. So I ask you why have these creatures been ignored? Every cow, chicken, rat, fish and pig that has died due to greed and temptation has been a product of past oppression. This world will never find peace until all oppression is stopped and all life considered sacred. I personally believe that violence will be needed in order to stop this massacre. When Jews and other minorities have been oppressed throughout history it has taken the will of a few to speak out against the crimes and the courage of those as well to stand up and fight against it. Now I ask you why is violence in the name of defending human life ok? Yet Violence to defend innocent animals who have no means to defend themselves wrong?

The conclusion to this writing is this; we are in a war and just like any other war innocent lives are at stake. The only difference is the victims of this war have no voice to speak out and cry for help. These animals are not inferior to us in any way shape or form. They need are help and they need it now. We do not have time to wait for things to change. The time for change is here; this time its War these lives will be protected this bloodshed must end.