Welcome to vengeance for the innocent. Wether you realize it or not you are buying into corprate greed and murder everytime you sastisfy your hunger with decaying flesh. I have the seen this injustice for too long. something must be done. Mother nature has been ignored the signs of the end of time brushed aside. We are killing this world one by one. The time has come to fight for the innocent, they have not died in vein. I wont allow it. there will be justice for the crimes done to the innocent. they will be free. I will fight. There are few who are willing to give up the selfishness but those who do will stand against this opression. billions of animals slaughtered each year to satisfy your hunger for there flesh. Its not survival it is brutal murder. Wether you realize it or not there is a war. A war to protect the innocent, I will stop at nothing to protect their lives. Welcome to the animal holocaust. Their pain is our seflishness, this genocide must end.

"When education and peaceful protest cant bring there liberation; The strategy for their rescue becomes militant intervention. Every action has an impact, every life saved is a victory. This very truth known by the carried few who wage guerilla warfare to end this atrocity. Served locks, doors wrenched from their hinges. The animals deliverance from torment and captivity. Vivisectionists dragged into the street and shot as flames engulf the labratory. Justices hammer falls again and again until it ends when the price is a helpless animals life"
 - Earth Crisis

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